CellFinder Microscope Slides
Quickly map and re-locate your single cells under any light microscope

CellFinder microscope slide 76x26 mm
with 10 CF-cells of 10x10 mm


Single cells in a cell culture and other small structures can be rapidly mapped and re-located with an accuracy of a few microns by reading the coordinates inside the CellFinder micro-pattern using a cross-hair eyepiece.

Section shows appr. 1% of a CF-square
Each coded square is 400x400 Ám
Character codes are 40 Ám high
Reference dots are appr. 10 Ám
Magnification appr.75 x

Description CellFinder Pattern

By application of the latest IC-photomask image technology the micro-optical quality of CF micro-slides has been substantially improved in recent years. Within seconds, each single cell can be re-located under any light microscope by using the micro-coordinates on the CF- microslides.

Cell Finder slide dimensions:  3" x 1" ( = 76 x 26 mm ) - 1 mm thick.
Cell Finder Glass slides can be cleaned, sterilized and re-used during many years.

CellFinder micro-patterns have ten identical squares of 10 x 10 mm - each subdivided into 625 squares of 0.4 x 0.4 mm. Each 0.4 mm square has a two character code in its centre, i.e. AA till AZ, BA till BZ up till ZA till ZZ of 40 micron high characters. By using 25 characters of the alphabet - 625 squares are uniquely coded. Each 0.4 mm square has four squares of 0.2 x 0.2 mm - subdivided by 'dotted lines' of 10 micron dots at in-between distances of appr. 10 microns. The dots enable marking and later relocation of the position of a single cell with an accuracy of a few microns under any light microscope.


Cell Finder microscope slides are used in many research disciplines, especially in general microbiology, e.g. human, animal and plant genetics, oncology, algae research, plant systematics, in the focal point of large optical systems for aero and space photography, in general geology, e.g. mineralogy and petroleum geology and finally in hydrology.

Prices of CF Glass slides

1 - 2 off    100 Euros each
3 - 4 off      85 Euros each
5 off +        75 Euros each

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